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Air Force Metrology Center
Marine Primary Standards Laboratory
Army Primary Standards Laboratory
Navy Primary Standards Laboratory
The Air Force Primary Standards Lab
GIDEP Operations Center  GIDEP Corona, CA
NIST Gaithersburg  NIST Gaithersburg, MD
NCSL Headquarters  NCSL HQ. Boulder, CO
NIST Boulder  NIST Boulder, CO
Measurement Science Conference
Computer Time vs. Atomic TimeNIST Atomic Web Clock
Cal Lab Magazine  Cal Lab Magazine
NARA  National Archives and Records Administration
The other PMEL   The Other PMEL

Keesler Metrology Handbook   Keesler Metrology Handbook   ( 270K zipped Word 6 file )

My Metrology Handbook   Ernie's Metrology Handbook  ( 914K zipped Microsoft DOS files )

Military Health System

Richard H Beeson MSgt Retired - US Air Force -- Link to Air Force Links

Other Sites of Metrology Interest

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